IPR Talk of Iowa Interview

Charity Nebbe, host of Talk of Iowa

Charity Nebbe,Talk of Iowa

Our Founder, Ana McCracken, was one of three interviewed on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa show recently.

The show, hosted by Charity Nebbe, explored the new options available for non-academic writers in Iowa.

First up is Julie Gammack, columnist and producer of Okoboji Writers’ Retreat. Then our own Ana McCracken speaks, and finally, Andrea Wilson, certified narrative therapist, founder and executive director of Iowa Writers’ House.

All three are focused on building supportive communities for aspiring writers who are not involved in a university program or other academic-based writer’s setting.

Listen to the show, here!


Julie Gammack, producer of Okoboji Writers' Retreat

Julie Gammack, Okoboji Writers’ Retreat

Ana McCracken, Ames Writers Collective

Andrea Wilson, director of Iowa Writers' House

Andrea Wilson, Iowa Writers’ House.