The Ames Writers Collective is all about offering outreach programming, and we want to offer writing opportunities for the senior-set without referring to seniors as senior citizens. We’ve scoured the internet for hip words to rename ourselves, and the only one worth mentioning is “perennials”, a spoof on millennials. While our founder, Ana McCracken was studying for her MFA degree in Creative Writing and Environment at Iowa State she loved to tell friends, writing students and new acquaintances that she was a proud later-in-life student. Ana graduated at 60 with her MFA degree in December 2021. Below is the Ames Writers Collective first 50+ Writers Outreach Program. While one has to become an OLLI-ISU member to sign up, Ana teaches the class pro-bono. We look forward to offering other 50+ Writer Outreach Programs soon.


Let’s Write Together at OLLI-ISU
Mondays, September 12 to October 17
2-4:30 PM CT

Join Ana McCracken for six weeks of writing together. During each session we will write stories inspired by writing prompts. After timed-writes, writers will be invited to read their stories to the group. Additionally, we’ll discuss elements of writing. Topics may include: dialog, scene structure, sensory details, and editing. These sessions are based on the Amherst Writers & Artists Method, a philosophy which believes that everyone is a writer.

This class will be held on Zoom and is limited to 10 participants.
Learn about OLLI-ISU Fall 2022 classes on Thursday, August 11 at 1:30 PM. Online registration will open at 8:30 AM the following day. Further details are listed on their website. Registrations are made through OLLI-ISU.

Ana McCracken is the founder of the Ames Writers Collective, an organization committed to building and uplifting communities through the art of writing and storytelling, while advancing the literary arts in Ames, Iowa. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Iowa State University. Her essays are published in the California Writers Club Literary Review, the anthologies Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God and The Joy of Adoption, and her poetry in Telepoem Booth®Iowa. Ana offers her time to OLLI-ISU pro-bono.