Ames Writers Collective

The Ames Writers Collective fosters conversation across cultural divides, building and uplifting communities through the art of storytelling, while advancing the literary arts in Ames, Iowa.

Author Spotlight

Beth M. Howard

Join us December 9th at 7pm for a conversation with author Beth M. Howard. We'll be LIVE and in person at KHOI Radio! Beth Howard is the author of World Piece: A Pie Baker's Global Quest for Peace, Love and Understanding and other books.

Our Founder Reads at LitQuake

Ana McCracken, Ames Writer’s Collective Founder, read a short, original piece at LitQuake 2022. Click through to learn more and hear her reading!


Video - Why Cancer Writing Circles?

If you are experiencing any stage of cancer, why would you want to be part of a weekly writing circle? What if you don’t think of yourself as a writer? Our cancer Writing Circle Wednesday attendees can answer those questions better than we can! In this video, attendees explain how their weekly group is more than the sum of its parts, how it helps, and how much it means to them.

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